Patient reference group

We have a patient participation group with 10 members who meet regularly every 2 months. This is a proactive and enthusiastic group of patient representatives who are developing their knowledge in primary care. There is a mix of both male and female patients on this group.

We also have a virtual group of 129 patients of whom we send information through to on a regular basis including the minutes and agendas for the above meetings and also other information which we feel relevant to share.

Areas of priority

The group is still in it's infancy and has found 2013/2014 to be a time of finding out more about the practice and the businesses surrounding it and the way that it operates. This also included Commissioning and how this affects general practice. It has also been a time of finding out more about how patient participation groups operate thus input has been sought from individuals who run or participate in other groups to come and talk about how their groups function.