The doctors and family

We value local community and are proud to be part of it. We use public transport to attend all the national meetings - we need to care about the environment to improve better health, pollution is becoming one of the toxic health issues that will be affecting people in the future. We really enjoy local cultural activities: Dr Lambourn is in the ceilidh band called Real to Reel, he plays a mandolin, mandocello and whistles. We really value our family - we have three children still at home aged 15, 9 and 7 we ask their opinions of what we do. We do not see drug reps or accept money to influence what we prescribe. We do not let the schemes that exist to reduce referrals for money affect whether we refer a patient or not this is always done on clinical judgement.

Glendale show

We provide the honorary medical cover. Without this the show would not be able to proceed and it is a fantastic local event. It has been going for over 125 years.

Our commitment to Wooler and the surrounding area

We are very committed to working in Wooler and value being part of the local community. Our combined time here is over 23 years. During this time there has been many changes. Dr Lambourn was involved when the old practice moved into the new health centre. This is a fantastic local resource for the community and includes access to other health professionals all in the same building, such as physio, district nurses, midwifes, counsellors, health visitors, podiatry and dieticians.

24 hour Community Paramedic Service

Shortly after we both joined the practice there was a decision to close the local ambulance station. We worked with the ambulance service at the time and developed the role of the community paramedic. This was a new role and had never previously been used in the North East. This led to the permanent placement of a paramedic response crew in Wooler 24/7. This also allowed the paramedics to move into the medical centre and has become a much valued part of the wider team. This model has now been rolled out in several other parts of the country.